Create Laravel blogs using just markdown!

Add a blog to your Laravel app in minutes using Blogdown. No database tables, no complicated setups. Use markdown files and profit 💸

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  • 📝 No migrations. Everything lives in .md files and cache.
  • 🧭 SEO-enabled via customizable meta data and permalink support.
  • 🏷 Attach slug, author profile, publish date and more to your posts.
  • 🛳 Ships with views, controllers and routes. Keep it or customize it.
  • 💉 Customizable render engine. Easily add CSS classes to rendered tags.
  • 💻 Compatible with highlight.js out of the box for syntax highlighted code.

Getting Started

Require this package through composer:

composer require swiftmade/blogdown

If you’re using Laravel < 5.5, then you’ll need to manually register the service provider in config/app.php


The final step is to publish the config and view files into your Laravel application.

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Swiftmade\Blogdown\Providers\BlogdownProvider"

That’s all!

You now have a blog. Here are the next steps: